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PU Topcoat black gloss

Technical department has developed a new topcoat, specially addressed to varnish furniture for kitchens, bathrooms and all type of furniture which requires a black gloss and intensity with maximum performances.

It is based in a PU topcoat black gloss, of high solid content and hardness to scratch which offers an excellent extensibility, allowing this way form films of black topcoat of high quality, depth and sharpness of the image reflected on it.


Product: 161618 PU Topcoat black gloss

PU Topcoat black gloss

Diamond white gloss

Diamond white gloss

Valresa lance to the market to varnish wood or furniture, the new PU Diamond white gloss. A project made especifically for furniture manufacturers more demanding which demand for their works the maximum gloss with the maximum hardness against scratch.

The new white gloss offers a film of varnish for wood, with high superficial hardness. It is about maintaining mirror effect of high gloss in the wood, as the first day for the maximum time as possible.

For this complex and long development, it has been used the last technologies in raw materials, orientated always to improve even more if posible the actual white gloss available in the market.

Obtaining as a result a topcoat which covers exceptionally the needs of the market, for all which want a white gloss to varnish wood which has quick dry and easy to polish qualities. With a high filling capacity and opacity, highlighting the quality of its high superficial hardness. All these advantages which offer this technologic gloss topcoat, will make reduce considerably the porcentage of pieces reprocessed to all which use them, providing a save in raw materials and workforce.

Product: 161000 PU Topcoat 000 White BR 1:1

MAXIMUM HARDENERS./ Topcoat high gloss mirror effect which providesa very hard film and resistant to cleaning and daily use. HIGH FILLING CAPACITY./ It will help you to cover with facility the lines produced by sanding and any imperfection presented by the sealer. QUICK DRY./ Avoids powder sticks to piece, with the possibility to be able to handle, pack and store the pieces in the minimum time possible. EASY POLISH./ Capable to polish easily past 24 h after its application, if during drying process a color font has been applied.

Paint or varnish melamine

Paint or varnish melamine

Actual trend in habitat sector and more concretly in furniture production, is the mixture of different materials or raw materials in a same constructive element, moving in big measures our work. Since some years they are being imposed each time more coexistence of different materials such as glass, plastic, PVC and metals of different natures in a same furniture covering expectatives of designers and final consumers. These trends are imposed as a differentation search by the manufacturer and sometimes as a economic saving in it´s costs. An example of saving in product costs is the utilization of white melamine boards when the furniture design is a pigmented smooth or matt textured color.

In this case, the manufacturer only has to sand the melamine and apply a direct topcoat, this way with a manipulation the furniture is ready to be served. But for having an optimum result, you must use adequate products as melamine boards both decoratives simulating different wood types and flat colors, are composed by a series of papers coated by a resin or varnish through a temperature and pressure process providing a hard and impermeable surface.
This is th reason, why it is difficult paint or varnish melamine, when you want to change topcoat aspect with the intention of improving it. Either by decorative or esthetic reasons or simply to give a more natural sensation of furniture topcoat.
Past more than 20 years developing and applying paint and varnishes to apply over melamine we can tell you that as it is a coating as any other we will always improve adherence if we sand a bit melamine before applying varnish. It is the same case that when we sand between layers of varnish or paint, between other things such as match imperfections, we do it to improve adherence between layers applied.
We invite you to discover and check it yourself, that it is a useful solution to new products produced in melamine with the objective of managing a professional topcoat with maximum guarantees.

Line effect varnish

Line effect varnish

Valresa offers a new decorative effect of varnish with which you will be able to give a texture and irregular way to your furniture or pieces you will like to varnish, in a different and unique way. With this water base varnish, it will give endless possibilities, play with the light and shade making straigh or curves lines and customizing your colors, creating unique patterns very novel in the decoration of varnishes furniture. Line Effect Application system of this decorative varnish, has studied so it is the simplest and easiest possible. You will only have to practice in a cardboard or piece you don´t need anymore, before applying it over the furniture you want as you will have to decide which type of decoration you want to give to your varnishes pieces. You can use to create your own decorations scratch combs which are selled in decorative paint stores, or can create yourself frames from any irregular piece which can leave a record in the varnish.

Application system: Airbush gun or calderin. Use nozzles from 1,3 mm and air pressure of 3 – 5 Atm. Airmix equipment. Use nozzles from 1,3 mm with an air pressure of 2 Atm and a material pressure of 3 – 4 Atm.

Application system: 1º.- Apply Varnish 270420 Esfera Indoor F White, with a application system of aforementioned. 2º.- We will make the “Hairstyle” of varnish. The expertise with which we will make this fase, determines the success of final topcoat, consider recomendation of deciding stripes orientation and practice the drove of “scratch hairstyle”. The open time to realize the decoration will change depending on the conditions of varnish application, but in any case it will be of 20 minutes. Approximately leave dry the varnish already decorated during 10 hours. 3º.- Sand gently with sands of 320 micras and eliminate the rest of dirt which have been generated in the sanding. 4º- Apply varnishes water base topcoat, or, solvent base acrylics of any color of our charts of pigmented colors. Product: 270420 Esfera Indoor F White Package: 20 Litros

Easy solutions to complex processes

Easy solutions to complex processes

Have you though about using a unique product which can be ecological and easy to apply in your varnishing procceses of wood?

Now is possible.

This practical and simple varnish, is fruit of a large and complex development by part of the technical department of Valresa, using in its formulation of varnishes and paints the last technologies in water base

With these comfortable water base varnish, you will be able with a unique product, cover the whole varnishing process of the furniture or indoor carpentry. This way, you will avoid having lots of products for the different varnishing furniture process.

With the objective of simplifying varnishing processes, Valresa presents this technologic water base varnish, in a mono component format with the advantage which provides not having to do mixtures for its application and therefore don´t have product waste with the catalyzed mixtures.

Looking facilitate the work; now with this water base varnish it won´t be necessary huge applications equipment, neither have much ability to achieve a good furniture topcoat which is silky and uniformity matts, as well as having a good scratch resistance and yellowing to light incidence.

This easy varnish by it´s application is born thinking in you, in your needs, in your concerns and your dreams.

Product: 270063 Esfera Indoor F-A 063 MT.Packages:
5 L / 20 L

Application systems:

• Gun cup, calderin or airbrush with nozzles of 2,5 mm and air pressure of 2,5 to 3 Atm.
• Brush or hand roller.

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