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The DOY coatings range from Valresa for both indoor and outdoor environments, are high performance coatings, equal quality to what is used on industrial lines, within furniture, board, doors, parquet manufactures or industrial carpenters. Here a key point is the resistance to the highest outdoor requirements and light effects.

Our outdoor paints and coatings have been designed aligned to the Smart Coatings by Valresa product philosophy, adding a high technological value to the wood substrate. The DIY varnishes contain the last generation waterborne resins with a high resistance to color changes against direct light effects. These paints are also more environmentally friendly and easier to apply with the very best final professional result.

Protecting wood on outdoors is difficult and challenging, but Valresa owns a full range of protectors against the effect of weather and time. All our clients are asking us how much time the product resists. This question is always depending on factors from weather conditions, average temperatures, humidity, rains, etc.

More than 20 years in the research and development of products to protect the wood outdoor, are showing a full commitment to environments and to products that are fulfilling the market needs for water based exterior in the range we call “industrial ESFERA”.

Our achieved objectives: To have developed the best outdoor wood coatings of the market, with the latest technology, moving ahead from the current market needs./ Maximum durability to outdoor heavy conditions and external influences. Development of process of high productivity and efficiency (quick drying, easy application, cleaning, maintenance)./Commitment to environments./ Finishes with the highest quality, enhancing the original beauty of wood as we do with the rest of our furniture coatings.

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Wood Protection Coatings

Indoor protection

Waterborne Varnishes, lacquers, and paints for the indoor with the highest technology for our projects to last the maximum time possible under the best conditions.

Wood Protection Coatings

Outdoor Protection

Protectors, primers and lasures to completely treat wood on outdoors with an exceptional color, weather, and time resistances.

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