Outdoor wood care is one of the most difficult jobs. For this we have designed a full range of varnish protectors which will make wood aspect much better for a longer period of time.

All our customers ask us for how much time will that aspect last which initially have once varnished and the answer always depends on many factors such as how much time is it exposed to sun rays, sun power in geographical zone, rainfall…
More than 20 years of investigation and analysis in water base varnish processes for outdoor wood, guarantees development of the best range of water base outdoor protectors, “Esfera industrial” range.

Our objectives managed:
“Obtain the best market water base protector, developed and produced with the most modern technology which exceeds the shortcomings of the outdoor wood varnishing.” Maximum guarantee of outdoor durability against external agents. High productivity varnish process (quick dry, easy application, cleaning, maintaining).
Environmentally friendly. Manage a final topcoat of high quality, outstanding woods natural beauty, comparable with furniture topcoats.