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Esfera, a professional solution to protect wood outdoor.

Esfera, offers the most durable and resistant solution as well as an excellent fastness as it is formulated with highly technological resins which doesn´t yellow and keeps colours intact for more time. Also has a big outdoor resistance, excellent flexibility and elasticity and sticks perfectly to multiple materials.

Why choose Esfera?

For hardness.

Physical and chemical, both abrasion and cleaning products in general. As it is an acrylic varnish it resists up to 2 more times than systematic traditional varnish.

Waterproof effect.
Formulated with water base pure acrylic resins which proportionate varnish layers completely waterproofed and breathable, making it the perfect protector to resist against inclement weather.
Cleaning and easy application.
Utensils and stains produced during the application get cleaned up easily with water. As well, if we want to dilute the varnish is as easy as adding water.
For its elasticity. 
Formulated to support wood contractions and expansions without producing any break in the woods film.
For its high technology.
Colours are maintained as the same day much more time, as it contains solar filters and iron oxides in natural colours which confer a high wood protection against ultraviolet rays.
Water base formulated products, betting for people and environment security.
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