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Coatings more resistant surfaces

With the daily use or cleaning, furniture suffer bumps, stripes and friction, etc. All this produces that chairs, tables, shelves of our homes, of the office grow old and lose it´s initial aspect which decided us to buy it. Furniture of hotels also suffer wear and probably we notice it especially, as we hope to find it all new when we enter in the room.

Polyurethane varnishes we use to beautify wood also have the function to protect it and make that with the use, you won´t realice the pass of time. Rustic furniture aging is an added value, but in the range of more modern furniture, flats without moldings, with gloss or matt, the bumps or stripes stand out much more producing the effect of old furniture.

Been conscious of this needs, Valresa has developed a polyurethane varnish 120126 Valpon A 126 much more resistant to scratches and bumps than conventional polyurethane varnishes. This varnish has been developed using new technology in base of nanoparticles which allow as give it hardness and a superficial resistance to the topcoat without subtract any of the other benefits of application or finals such as the transparency.

In Valresa we think that Valpon A 126 is adequate for oficce furniture and hotel furniture, which are submitted to a high wear, modern furniture in which damages are noticed much more and any other surface which is submitted to a continued use or wants to lengthen furnitures life.

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