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The metal furniture is one of the most important sectors within the powder coatings, along with lighting, appliances, construction and automotive. Within this market segment, there are notable differences between office furniture, metal stalls or garden furniture because each element will require a different coating technology, with specific qualities and finishes for each use and design.
For some time, companies are using Classic Smooth Black Matte, Textured Grey 7035 and some brown and white, to a very wide range of colors and finishes within the Ral Color card, Pantone and NCS.
The main advantages of using powder paint in the coating of metal furniture are as follows:

Extreme hard topcoats and resistance to corrosion, impacts and temperature changes.
Savings in material cost per square meter. The percentage of reuse of product can reach 98%.
Productivity increase. Applying a single coat of paint can replace several layers of liquid paint needed to leave the same finish.
Environmentally friendly. Powder coating does not require the use of solvents so it has virtually no volatile emissions, which makes it friendly

Images provided by  Mobles114. Colection Rambla desing by Martín Azúa.
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