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Easy solutions to complex processes

Have you though about using a unique product which can be ecological and easy to apply in your varnishing procceses of wood?

Now is possible.

This practical and simple varnish, is fruit of a large and complex development by part of the technical department of Valresa, using in its formulation of varnishes and paints the last technologies in water base

With these comfortable water base varnish, you will be able with a unique product, cover the whole varnishing process of the furniture or indoor carpentry. This way, you will avoid having lots of products for the different varnishing furniture process.

With the objective of simplifying varnishing processes, Valresa presents this technologic water base varnish, in a mono component format with the advantage which provides not having to do mixtures for its application and therefore don´t have product waste with the catalyzed mixtures.

Looking facilitate the work; now with this water base varnish it won´t be necessary huge applications equipment, neither have much ability to achieve a good furniture topcoat which is silky and uniformity matts, as well as having a good scratch resistance and yellowing to light incidence.

This easy varnish by it´s application is born thinking in you, in your needs, in your concerns and your dreams.

Product: 270063 Esfera Indoor F-A 063 MT.Packages:
5 L / 20 L

Application systems:

• Gun cup, calderin or airbrush with nozzles of 2,5 mm and air pressure of 2,5 to 3 Atm.
• Brush or hand roller.

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