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hanks to the continuous process of development and innovation by technical department and to the commitment with the environment of Valresa, we actually count with a wide varnish catalogue and water base protectors with low content in COV in it’s three slopes: indoor, outdoor and ultraviolet. Our line of varnishes and water protectors, Esfera, gives a full protection to furniture and wood, giving resistance levels both physical and chemical very similar to solvent base products. Aspect is better than to solvent base when you are looking for natural matt topcoat.
To common performances of this varnishes, we have achieved add an excellent resistance both physical and chemical however doesn’t prevent the possibility of sanding and topcoat a later week to anchored. High covering and silkiness of topcoats are two properties which give to this water base varnishes some of the most characteristic qualities.
Water base varnishes can be single or two components. In the case of pretending a more chemical resistance we recommend a two component water base varnish. For the cleaning after using it you can use water and also solvent.
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