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Certified Wood paints and varnishes Bs1d0, Bs2d0 and BflS1. Painting wood with fireproof coatings was never so easy.

The consequences of a fire at home, at your office or at a public place can be devasting. For this reason, authorities developed a special norm for structural components to comply with, to protect the people and the goods inside a building once the fire is already started. This norm aims to contain the fire till the rescue teams arrives, these norms are called “EUROCLASSES”.

Wood is a critical challenging substrate on fires. Wood burns easy, reason enough for the application of special fireproof coatings. Valresa has developed a full range of fireproof products Euroclass-certified in collaboration with the external lab AIDIME, to assure the security of people, minimizing the expansion of fire,  letting a correct evacuation of the building on fire.

With a minimal contribution to fire, the wood substrate and the coatings on top will not be a higher risk for flames but a lower risk for people.

Another critical factor is the consequence of fire on coatings. The smoke that our special TEKFOC fireproof range produce is much lower than traditional coatings, this will assure a better visibility of spaces and will help to evacuate the building.

The last step to cover is the time that a fireproof coating may resist against flames before starts to melt and drop flammable particles. Our TEKFOC range resist more than 600 seconds (10 minutes) without any detachment.

And the very best of this range of coatings is that these were formulated not to lose its fireproof properties over time and to have an external appearance of an smooth and fine finish, exactly as a conventional furniture coating.


Fireproof wood coatings.

Clear Bs1d0

Clear WB Fireproof monocomponent process TEKFOC BS1d0. Ideal to treat boards, paneling and ceilings.


Fireproof Wood coatings.

PU Acrylic Clear Process Bs2d0

Fire retardant colorless acrylic polyurethane process for walls and ceilings with a Bs2d0.


Fireproof Wood coatings.

Parquet Bfls1

BFLS1 Waterborne Flame Retardant Parquet Varnish. A two-component, water-based, matt, flame retardant parquet finish that provides excellent wear resistance films as well as good chemical resistance to household products.


Fireproof wood coatings

Clear acrylic upgride Bs1d0

Colourless Acrylic Polyurethane Varnish upgride to convert untreated wood to Reaction to Fire Bs1d0

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