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Copper bronze pink color

The new color copper bronze pink to paint or varnish wood, is the final result of a joint work which they have been conducted by colorimeter department of I+D+I together with the color observatory and trends of Valresa Spain. This design trend, had it´s first demonstrations as a new color to paint wood, in the most importante Ferias Internacionales of furniture last year. It was celebrated in the international furniture living of Milán, where it has been imposed as a clear trend of new color, showing a combination with natural colores of wood or clear matt pigmented colors where it is achieved a suprising design, elegance and distinction effect.

Color copper bronze pink has been designed with the last technology of raw materials for the formulation of paints and varnishes for wood, with the objective of achieving a highly technological product with capacity of being unalterable in time, always when is coated with adequate topcoat.

It is a color primer which must be coated with a clear acrylic topcoat paint or varnish to prevent oxidation, color change or loss of gloss. You can also repaint with a conventional topcoat but always you must consider that this type of product tends to yellowing with the passage of time and therefore color change.

Application system: It is recommended to make the application in several fine layers and with a wide range to manage a color distribution for all the wood or furniture./ You can use airbrush equipment or calderin using nozzles since 0,9 mm and a aire pressure of 3-5 Atm. For the application in Airmix equipment we will use nozzles since 0,9 mm with a aire pressure of 2 Atm and a material pressure of 3 Atm.

Product: 170445 AC Valpon I Copper Bronze Pink.

New color trend./ Color easily combined with natural aspect woods or clear pigmented colors. Non yellowing color./ Formulated with acrylic resins of last generation to avoid color change produced by light. Suprising effect./ Combinations which bring desing, elegance and distinción to furniture. Bilayer process./ Apply primer copper bronze pink and past between 5 and 24 horas apply a clear topcoat without sanding between layers.

Copper bronze pink color

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