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Valresa Coatings can help you to improve your production process with cost-effective and sustainable coatings


Valresa Coatings is a group with more than 50 years experience in providing technology solutions for the painting of different media, providing a high added value with its paints and varnishes.
Together with its two research centres and its extensive implementation in several countries from different continents, they make it a dynamic company with high international vision, becoming one of the leading European groups in the manufacture and marketing of paint for wood, plastic and metal.
The high specialisation in the development, counselling and continuous search for coating solutions is largely due to; the high demands of our customers and continuous changes in regulations affecting paints and varnishes. These two factors being the main influences of continuous improvement in our organisation.

Culture of efficiency

Valresa Coatings is dedicated to designing paints and varnishes of the future, seeking innovation in four areas: INVESTIGATION of new developments to reduce the application and drying time of wood paint , achieving savings in cost of varnishing. TECNOLOGY that makes varnishes increasingly more environmentally friendly, minimising the environmental impact that they can produce, and respecting the environment while maintaining an increasingly healthy and clean atmosphere in the workplaces.
INNOVATION in the search for solutions to customise finishes and furniture styles. Offering wood varnish or coatings of other substrates with surfaces that have a high scratch resistance, soft touch and all kinds of effects and colours. And finally, DESING, presenting the latest design trends in furniture and wood in terms of colours, textures and gleams of the varnishes.
Valresa Coatings is recognised for its Smart Coatings like the ultraviolet treatment varnish line or the water-based varnishes line, offering customised solutions to every expectation, satisfying market needs and offering solutions that mitigate the impact on the environment. At the same time we are developing new painting pocesses for wood and and furniture, designed to revolutionise the methods of decoration and timber production.

A partner of choice

The high specialisation and training of its employees and its high commitment to zero defects, zero waste, zero incidents and accidents in everything it does, along with the worldwide network of distributors, makes the group a perfect partner and consultant in the varnishing of wood and furniture in a global market; it’s what differentiates the system of excellence of Valresa coatings.

Cultura de VALRESA

Product Quality


Service Quality


Customer Service


Innovation Quality


Necessity Compliance


Quality is the foundation of our company

Valresa Coatings, as a leader company in the wood coating industry, assumes the following commitments:

Compliance with the current legislation. Confidence and customer prefernce. Continuous improvement. Labour health and safety. Environmental commitment.

1 in 6 workers

he´s a chemical



formulating and


the wood coating




Stains, Primers, Sealer and Topcoats used in the industry to varnish wood and its derivatives.

DIY Coatings

Lasures and wood protectors for indoor and outdoor use.


Flame retardant varnishes to protect wood against fire.

Wood Digital Printing

Everything you need for Inkjet printing in your company.

valresa smart coatings

Designing the varnishes of the future

Valresa is associated and take part actively in different organizations in order to enhance their knowledge and management.

Global Leader

Companies group with international impact in all continents with over 6000 constumers.


Valresa group is in the leader of the develoment of wood coatings and dyes, and for many materials on an international market.

Smart Coatings

Coatings and stains series that offter customized solutons for each request with the least enviranmental impact.

Zero hour arrived

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We are the first paint and varnish company to Zero Waste certification , and thanks to the efforts of the whole team we can say that we have reached a…

Metal free coatings

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We are specially committed eliminating toxic substance from our products to create healthier and more sustainable living spaces.

The bare cork

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For a few years, the use of cork for the development of new applications has been in the orbit of some design studies.

Fussion Sealer, No bleaching.

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Fussion Sealer capable of leaving the varnish layer fully integrated into the wood, adding more value to the design and enhancing its natural qualities.
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