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Solvents can be chemical or natural. Its main function is; dissolve, dilute and clean, although a very important function is the use of the solvent as a vehicle by which we will transport the varnishes from the application system to the painted surface. This is the reason why the use of the appropriate solvent is very important to achieve an optimal result.

500006 Solvent 006 Cleaning

510101 Solvent 101 PU Medium
520201 Solvent 201 Nitro
520204 Solvent 204 Retardant Medium
540413 Solvent 413 Glazes
540414 Solvent 414 Retardant
540470 Solvent 470 Cleaning
540471 Solvent 471 Cleaning
540474 Solvent 474 Wide Utilization
500029 Solvent 029 Extra Retardant

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