In kitchen furniture we know what is important and that´s why we present high covering and performance varnishes. Hardnes to scratch and chemical resistance of our varnishes is a permanent characteristic of our wide range of varnishes and lacquers for kitchen furniture.

With Valresa´s tintometric system, available in the stores of our varnishes distributors we can supply any pigmented lacquers immediately. We are conscious that kitchen furniture production is varied and this way Valresa´s organization is prepared.

Varnish range for Kitchen

Natural pore polyurethane sealer
Covering and extensibility polyester sealer
All colors, glosses and texture lacquers
High gloss topcoat
Natural effect topcoat. If you like watching wood, touching wood, maintaing it protect and watch it age naturally, you will like this topcoat process. Both water base as, acrylic polyurethane, with UV. All with a gloss grade with 4%.
Unchanged acrylics.