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urniture varnishes has been always the priority in the product development. This has allowed us manage the widest range of products for wood varnishing. Full range with dyes, primers, sealers and topcoats and in different technologies such as water base, polyurethanes, UV and nitrocellulose.


Varnish range for classic furniture.

Dyes which stand out woods beta. Water base dyes colour tones are alive and bright. Main characteristic is the equalization and uniformity of the colour in the same piece, equalization of the solid wood and the reabsorbed wood. This water base dye series, allows a drastic reduction to VOC.
Adherent primer for hard sheets
Polyurethane sealer of high solids and transparency
Polyester sealer of very high covering and transparency
Gold and silver bread.

Varnish range for modern furniture.

Stain which equalizes woods beta
Acrylic polyurethane sealer
Acrylic polyurethane topcoat
UV dry sealer
UV dry topcoat
Melamine primer adherent.

Varnish range for office furniture.

Polyurethane sealer
Polyurethane topcoat of high resistance to scratch
Roller primer
Roller topcoat.

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