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Since 1965, Valresa is specialized in the formulation, manufacturing, and marketing of wood coatings. During this time, we have worked all the different technologies for wood varnishing processes (waterborne, polyurethane, nitrocellulose, polyester, UV Curing, etc.), and we have reached more than 6.000 clients worldwide.

All the above-mentioned allowed us to create and offer the largest wood coatings catalogue of the market. We are on all the different wood markets for the different technologies such us nitrocellulose, polyurethane, waterborne, polyester or UV Curing, achieving the products that best fits each and all the different wood substrates and application processes and models.

The R&D department continues improvement philosophy has developed wood stains, paints and varnishes that are not only changing the color but the value of wood. We added exceptional scratch and chemical resistance skills on the products, we added the hardness, the durability, and the performance to meet any market demands.

As an example, our polyurethane and acrylic last generation topcoat have engaged and over exceed successfully the maximum European standards for kitchens, bathrooms, and office furniture.

Our coatings range for the professional use is the following: Waterborne stains, solvent based stains, hydroalcoholic stains, electrostatic stains, universal stains, semitransparent stains, etc. Clear and white polyurethane, nitrocellulose and acrylic sealers and basecoats. Nitrocellulose, polyurethane, acrylic clear and white topcoats. Redox polyester for UV Curing. Water based 1 and 2K clear sealers and white basecoats and clear and white topcoats. Parquet coatings, fireproof coatings for different solutions, melamine coatings and special finishes. All available in different glosses (matt, satin, gloss). The diversity of clients worldwide and the search for continues improvement generates a security of high added value coatings.

Customized attention.

Contact one of our technical managers and we will recommend you the best process.


Wood stains

Solvent, Hydroalcoholic, Universal, Electro-static.

Stains with a high transparency and color solidity against light not to lose the original natural properties.

Wood Clear and White Sealers

Nitrocellulose, Polyurethane, Polyester, Waterborne.

High covering and high filling power sealers and basecoats with a soft sanding to equal imperfections with a minimum product manipulation cost.

Wood Topcoats

Nitrocellulose, Polyurethane, Polyester, and Water Based.

Topcoats for furniture and wood finishing, with a soft and silky touch and high resistance to chemicals and scratches, protecting wood against time and external variables.


Cleaning, Retardant, Anti-veil

A large solvent range to clean equipment, adjust viscosities, avoid typical varnishing processes such as veiling or product boiling.

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