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Line effect varnish

Valresa offers a new decorative effect of varnish with which you will be able to give a texture and irregular way to your furniture or pieces you will like to varnish, in a different and unique way. With this water base varnish, it will give endless possibilities, play with the light and shade making straigh or curves lines and customizing your colors, creating unique patterns very novel in the decoration of varnishes furniture. Line Effect Application system of this decorative varnish, has studied so it is the simplest and easiest possible. You will only have to practice in a cardboard or piece you don´t need anymore, before applying it over the furniture you want as you will have to decide which type of decoration you want to give to your varnishes pieces. You can use to create your own decorations scratch combs which are selled in decorative paint stores, or can create yourself frames from any irregular piece which can leave a record in the varnish.

Application system: Airbush gun or calderin. Use nozzles from 1,3 mm and air pressure of 3 – 5 Atm. Airmix equipment. Use nozzles from 1,3 mm with an air pressure of 2 Atm and a material pressure of 3 – 4 Atm.

Application system: 1º.- Apply Varnish 270420 Esfera Indoor F White, with a application system of aforementioned. 2º.- We will make the “Hairstyle” of varnish. The expertise with which we will make this fase, determines the success of final topcoat, consider recomendation of deciding stripes orientation and practice the drove of “scratch hairstyle”. The open time to realize the decoration will change depending on the conditions of varnish application, but in any case it will be of 20 minutes. Approximately leave dry the varnish already decorated during 10 hours. 3º.- Sand gently with sands of 320 micras and eliminate the rest of dirt which have been generated in the sanding. 4º- Apply varnishes water base topcoat, or, solvent base acrylics of any color of our charts of pigmented colors. Product: 270420 Esfera Indoor F White Package: 20 Litros

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