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Diamond white gloss

Valresa lance to the market to varnish wood or furniture, the new PU Diamond white gloss. A project made especifically for furniture manufacturers more demanding which demand for their works the maximum gloss with the maximum hardness against scratch.

The new white gloss offers a film of varnish for wood, with high superficial hardness. It is about maintaining mirror effect of high gloss in the wood, as the first day for the maximum time as possible.

For this complex and long development, it has been used the last technologies in raw materials, orientated always to improve even more if posible the actual white gloss available in the market.

Obtaining as a result a topcoat which covers exceptionally the needs of the market, for all which want a white gloss to varnish wood which has quick dry and easy to polish qualities. With a high filling capacity and opacity, highlighting the quality of its high superficial hardness. All these advantages which offer this technologic gloss topcoat, will make reduce considerably the porcentage of pieces reprocessed to all which use them, providing a save in raw materials and workforce.

Product: 161000 PU Topcoat 000 White BR 1:1

MAXIMUM HARDENERS./ Topcoat high gloss mirror effect which providesa very hard film and resistant to cleaning and daily use. HIGH FILLING CAPACITY./ It will help you to cover with facility the lines produced by sanding and any imperfection presented by the sealer. QUICK DRY./ Avoids powder sticks to piece, with the possibility to be able to handle, pack and store the pieces in the minimum time possible. EASY POLISH./ Capable to polish easily past 24 h after its application, if during drying process a color font has been applied.

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