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 Protects and cares scaffold and floor of wood outdoor

DECK 650 protector is a natural water base protector, able to penetrate wood to protect and nourish it without producing a thick layer. Providing an excellent outdoor resistance minimizing decoration and degradation of wood presenting an optimum behavior against wear and abrasion.

Easy maintenance./Thanks to its durability it allows enlarge times of renovation or maintenance.

Antiskid./Designed to avoid slips in huge humidity floors. Ideal for buildings edge to pools.

 UV rays resistance./With solar filters to protect scaffold of UV rays minimizing the film decoration.

Supports sudden temperature changes./Doesn´t get deformed, cracking or mars by changes in temperature outdoor.

Easy application./New scaffold: Apply 1 or 2 layers without sanding between layers.

Performance./10 – 12 m2 / l. Apply 1 or 2 layers without sanding between layers.

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