Singular Surface

Valresa Coatings, with Virtual Melt technology, formulates, manufactures and distributes digital inks, primers, crosslinkers and technical top coatings for digital printing decoration on wood panels and derivatives.
The range of products that we offer to cover the needs of industrial digital printing on flat surfaces includes chemical products and technical advice on processes and finishes, which companies in the habitat, contract and advertising sectors need to use digital printing and technological coatings in their products, and incorporate them from the conceptualization phase of their projects, achieving high quality standards in printing on wood and boards derived from it.
In Valresa we like to grow with our clients and that is why we put all our know-how at the service of the needs of each project to achieve a comprehensive printing process.

Each product requires a solution, so we have two clearly differentiated product lines:
– Virtual Melt, non-UV digital printing, which achieves unique properties by integrating and assessing the natural characteristics of wood and with full light fastness.
– Products for digital UV printing, especially used in the advertising and communication sectors.
We believe that printing along with industry 4.0 have come to stay, and that being a reality in other sectors will be also in ours.


Graphical and Technical Assistance

We offer technical assistance to our customers for the development of the printing process, always looking for the most appropriate support and technologies for the customer, as well as for graphic issues.


We carry out specific design training to transfer our knowledge of image generation and treatment to each client, as well as specific training for the different application solutions of all Virtual Melt products.

Customised designs

We work as an external design studio, we offer a wide catalogue of designs, and we can make exclusive and personalized designs according to the client’s needs.


Industrial Digital Tinting

You can tint wood substrates with an accuracy and possibilities impossible to get with traditional applications. With this process our clients will be able to digitally tint the wood with a high degree of color accuracy and uniformity, besides generate color gradient effects.

Industrial Digital Printing

You can create designs, imitating other materials and graphic effects as far as you can imagine, using natural wood and other materials commonly used in carpentry. With this process our clients will be able to create new graphic universes increasing the value of the products starting from basic materials.

Digital Woods Creation

You can give value to the wood through digital graphics. With this process our clients will be able to generate new patterns of wood, as well as to revalue the wood of minor quality, turning them into products with high attractiveness for the market.

The digital printing applied to wood and furniture sectors

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Valresa will participate in AIDIMME's Productivity 4.0 Workshops, putting into practice innovative ideas in the field of production.

Surfaces with gradient shades

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Gradient tones add an elegant effect of movement to surfaces, cause by the progressive alternation of two colours or in many cases two finishes.

Evoking materials: the “regional terrazzo”

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Tom Dixon is this week at Maison & Objet launching a new display of innovation in decoration, focussing on the aromatisation of environments.

Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

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Valresa Coatings, sensible a estos cambios de la Industria 4.0, desarrolla Singular Surface abordando una serie de transformaciones tecnológicas en diseño y producción,