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We know which dyes and compounds will stain the wood  in such a way that we dont hide the grain, but enhanse its buauty.

The main purpose of the use of wood stains in the finishing process is to enrich the colour of the Wood. To add to this, there are many other benefits of the application of wood stains:

  • Highlight the characteristics of the woodgrain. To achive this, it is recomended to use a medium – slow evaporating product so the coating can penetrate the wood surface so a contrast can be seen.
  • Enhance the beauty of commonly used wood species.
  • Mimic wood shades species are rare and more expensive.
  • Hide Wood defects. A fast evaporating solvent based dye will result in better hiding power by less absorption and fast drying on the Surface.

The formulations are classified on the particular base used: Stain D (Solvent base), Stain H (Hydroalcoholic), Stain E (Electrostatic), Stoner Stain (Solvent base + binder), Stain U (Concentrated).

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