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When we paint or varnish indoor wood we must do it with water base paint and varnishes of high technology so our decorative projects such as: paint wood floors, paint chairs, paint tables, paint doors, paint small tables, paint heads, etc. Last as long as possible in the best conditions.

To be easier to choose wanted colour when it comes to paint wood, products from natural colour dyes and colour paint for wood families, have been formulated so they can be mixed between them and obtain the colour we want.
All our colours are approximate, we recommend to realise a small test before you paint the wood.
Other products for indoor wood varnishing with a high technological value are, Natural Matt Varnish where you will manage a natural wood effect with a really easy application process as it is unique product which acts as a sealer and topcoat at the same time, so by applying two layers of the same product, varnish process will be finished.
At last, if you are pretending that your furniture resists the maximum time as possible with the same image as the first day; your product is the High Resistance Varnish which will protect wood and furniture from impacts, scratches and cleaning products like no other.


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