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 Transforming wood in to forge

In Valresa we have develpoed a varnish which reproduces faithfully the forging effect over any support, and through a proccess extremely efficient and productive, as with a unique hand of application of forging effect varnish over wood, sheeting or dm and without a prior need of sanding we manage simulate iron wood or old forge. Thanks to technology used we obtain excellent performances of hardness and adherence. With this varnish, Valresa offers a new decorative solution for furniture sector, reducing production, varnishing and sanding costs to it´s minimum level. In addition, we join to the trend of mixing stiles, designs and new materiales (glass, steel, forge, wood) which form part of the decorative spectrum of actual furniture.

Principle advantages of the process are:

Old Forge Effect. /  High Adherence. / Excellent Hardness to Scratch. / No Yellowing. / Can Be Applied in Different Supports./ Quick and Direct Process.

This forge effect varnish we have it in different textures:

170335 Forge Effect Board (dark grey, thick grain). Mixture proportion is 8:1 with the hardener 190069.

170331 Forge Effect Ash (light grey, fine texture). Mixture proportion is 8:1 with the hardener 190069

In our varnish catalogue we also have other effects and processes such as leather effect, pearly, gold and silver, metallic, textured in different grains, etc.

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