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In the past year we have lived a clear trend to the reduction of wood consumption in contructive elements exposed to the exterior, as windows, doors, fences and floors, and at the same time, an inrease in aluminium use, PVC and plastic taking the woods place.

Fundamental cause of this evolution is the wood low durability and maintenance cost regarding these other materials.
Actually and thanks to the development of the new varnish technologies to water base it gets recovered, to a large measure, its traditional use of the wood as construction resource. Properties which offer the new water base protectors, as high durability against external agents and low maintenance, allow us to enjoy again the wood warmth and natural beauty in our homes.
Freshy cut wood contains a huge quantity of water, a third to half of its total weight. The process to remove the water is fundamental, as to transform it and varnish it, it must have an optimum grade of relative humidity (12%-14%). For its high resistance and warmth, wood is being used in constructive outdoor elements, as well as in outdoor furniture and for it being an excelent thermal and acoustic insulation the last trend is the wood panel installation in the walls of different places giving it a natural aspect, cozy and warm to our home. Also traditionally used in indoor furniture by why we should treat wood with stains, paints, protectors and varnishes to reach the maximum time durability.

Varnish range for Indoor Carprentry.

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