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Inside the programme trends have been developed by Valresa, there are the new natural stains to paint or varnish the wood and furniture. This stains colection for wood, has been inspired in the different tones which natural wood has after coming out from the sawmill. Is the wood in its natural state, with any type of intervention.

For this natural colors development, it has had to use a mixture of special solvents, to wet wood, without sullying and some dyes which are completely stable to light, that is to say: no yellowing and keep colors unchanged.

Range of Natural Stains:
Okume, European Charm, Linden, smoking Eucalyptus, Cedar, Smoked Acacia, Sikomoro, Ash, Beech, Oak, Dussie, Merbau, Zembrano

A colection which will mark a trend in the design furniture manufacturers or small carpentres.

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