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T he furniture’s  topcoat have the aim to give a warm appearance, and protect the wood from dirt, damages and external agents (humidity, household chemicals, etc.).

Therefore the top coat have a double purpose even if the most valued by furniture manufacturers and buyers is the first one, to improve the wood’s appearance, its touch and color. The protective function of the wood is less valued in economic terms (it is always more appreciated how beautiful it is than how useful it is), but no less important.

If we want that a furniture is longer and have the appearance as the first day, we must give good top coat. Besides, the smooth top coat make easier not only the aesthetics aspects, but also cleaning, as well as the material quality (wood in most cases).

The top coat is the varnishing step where we can introduce the senses and the subjective appreciation of the user. Due to us can use top coats with many different brightness levels, different touch and silkiness, and different textures depending on the effect we want to give to our furniture.

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