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Technology and design of natural materials in the bathroom.


The elements or fragments that make up the bathroom are presented as an extraordinary blank canvas onto which the major manufacturers and designers pour their creative ingenuity.

One of the most popular decorative effects is the stone finish, specifically marble or granite. This material, widely used as a construction element in furniture for other rooms of the home, has burst onto the scene this season and is expected to continue growing, due to its high degree of distinction and sophistication that enhance the ultimate quality of the element.

New bathrooms and new coating and digital transformation technologies have whisked us into a whole world of decoration and customisation possibilities. They’re making this space of the home, which was once dark and of no interest to creatives, extremely attractive, transforming it using state-of-the-art technology to provide maximum comfort.

Valresa Coatings has developed a whole range of technology for the digital transformation of wood and its by-products, on which stains of colours characteristic of stone are printed. They are also coated with finishes of high physical and chemical resistance and different textures, which make them excellent processes of varnishing for bathroom furniture according to the UNE 56842, UNE 110020 and UNE EN 12721 standards.

Between 6 and 9 February, at the upcoming edition of FIMMA MADERALIA, we will be presenting these products on hardwoods or via Singular Surface digital transformation technology, achieving more realistic results, reflecting the characteristics of natural materials and offering large-scale design possibilities.

Design Paolo Ulian para Antonio Lupi
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