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Industry 4.0 and digital transformation.

Digital printing is integrated into many industrial sectors contributing new raw materials, structural solutions and product development. Material Conexion, according to this perspective, has presented the evolution of industry 4.0 in relation to this technology. Some striking examples are: “Atropos”, a six-axis robotic arm for 3D fiberglass printing, developed by +LAB, redefines the manufacturing industry of composite materials, achieving a continuous fiber deposition of thermosetting material thanks to the wide range of movements, optimizes the throughput and the consumption of material. The process of creating an object by “Atropos” starts with a computer model generated through the Rhinoceros 3D modeling software. Also “Anouk Wipprecht e l’industria”, Anouk Wipprecht, Dutch designer and artist works at the meeting point between fashion and robotics. His work is part of the 4.0 industry concept: the new craft know-how that combines technological innovation, the cuddle of the creative process and the continuous improvement.

Valresa Coatings, sensitive to these Industry 4.0 changes, develops Singular Surface by addressing some technological transformations in design and production, which affect the organization of production processes based on digital printing technology, proposing new options in the characteristics of applications and surface finishes of wood.

Through Singular Surface, Valresa unites technique and aesthetics, addressing the characterization and digital decoration of the surfaces of different wood products, based on research, formulation and development of digital procedures, graphic designs and color management.

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