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Evoking materials: the “regional terrazzo”


Tom Dixon is this week at Maison & Objet launching a new display of innovation in decoration, focussing on the aromatisation of environments. Its “Materialism” collection features various candles with different aromas, with the materials used to house these candles being particularly eye-catching: cork, terrazzo, natural stones… all of which together with the aromas deliver new sensory experiences. And especially terrazzo, a highly graphic material and pleasant to the touch, is the perfectly accompaniment to fresh Mediterranean aromas (lemon, black pepper and ginger). This material, revitalised by the design of the three-dimensional recipient, is a nod back to the 1960s, when it was widely used in household furniture, outdoor items and kitchens.

At its space The bright kitchen: the home reborn, “Valresa Coatings Selection 2018” has used its Virtual Melt technology to capture the majesty and the spectrum of stones and wood, without having to repeat patterns on the same surface. For their digital impressions to appear more realistic, they reflect the exact characteristics of natural materials and offer large-scale design possibilities. For example, this technology can be applied on the fronts of the three high modules imitating terrazzo (models: Indo / Nilo / Thames by Portasur) and the tabletop imitating artificial stone (model Aspa Ø70 by Viccarbe).

Between 6 and 9 February, at the upcoming edition of FIMMA MADERALIA, we will be presenting these products on surfaces via Singular Surface digital transformation technology, achieving more realistic results, reflecting the characteristics of natural materials and offering large-scale graphic design possibilities.

Materialim.Terrazo.Ton Dixon 2018
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