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 New sealer 008 white gun

Valresa imagines the way of applying a polyacrylic sealer varnish of high solids of a different way, where we reduce times in the fase of furniture sanding, obtaining a saving in your business.

This way to think, we show you how we do the things, which are our likes and our worries, always thinking in how to optimize varnish costs, developing products of high performances with an unsurpassable relation quality-price.

Cost reduction in varnishing fase, comes given, by high performance, which means paint more pieces per package and a soft sanding. Realize a soft sanding or superficial only is possible when varnish film remains ver fine and uniform without drawing substrate irregularities. Manages levels of varnish topcoats, adequate for likes more demanding of a practical and comfortable way. Leaves high covering and excelent extensibility, even vertical, make their job.

Product: New 640008 PAC Sealer 008 White gun

Cans of 25 Kg. / Drums of 250 Kg.

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