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 Artistic moldings varnish process

With the objective of improving the manufacturing processes and minimization of environmental impacts in varnishing moldings processes, Valresa has developed a new polyurethane sealer addressed to manufacturers of artistic moldings with an application system of drawing machine. Manufacturers of artistic moldings have been traditionally a sector were production processes are very manual and expensive. Actually, to achieve an optimum topcoat, they are applying a high number of layers in drawing die machine with a product of nitrocellulose nature. Is for this reason, Valresa presents polyurethane varnish for drawng die 110029 Polyurethane sealer drawing die which applying only 3 hands we achieve some results identical than before with 12 layers of varnish for nitrocellulose drawing die. Consists of a polyurethane sealer for drawing die of high solids, good transparency and excellent repaint. Sealer for polyurethane drawing die can be applied without sanding between layers if the time passed isn´t superior to 2,30 hours. Passed this time, it is obligatory sand to avoid adherence problems.

Having very good transparency can be applied over dark stains without vary color tone. In the case that because of the end molding decoration a decorative film must be adhered, it will have to be applied previously in the molding a layer of thermal fuse, nitrocellulose lacquer type, as the polyurethane drawing die sealer is a varnish with major endless hardness to which high temperatures affect in less measures. What could seem an drawback, becomes an advantage in the expedition of finished moldings, where transported goods has to bear high temperatures, being able to be the case of marking the protector film.
This product has been designed bearing established values in the seconde fase of the COV normative Product 2004/42/Ce with the objective of release the minumum environmental impacts.

Product: 110029 Valpon F Drawing die

This polyurethane sealer for drawing die is one of the many products which we have available in our catalogue for painting artistic moldings.

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