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Covid 19 and the new wood paint world

It is too early to describe the world after tomorrow, but we can say so far, that the wood paint and the furniture industry in general, are changing fast due to the use of new materials and offering new value propositions to the final customer, to ensure safety and healthy environments, facing the new sanitary threats caused by the virus.

No matter what kind of polyurethane or polyester solvent based technologies, or  water-borne paint is used, the future furniture will be more sustainable and will be fulfilled with cutting-edge innovations and technologies such as topcoats and wood finishes with a high resistances to scratches, anti-fingerprint skills, even on matt or deep matt levels of gloss, together with fireproof or specially, antibacterial properties, a characteristic that we will soon see as default on the upcoming bathroom and kitchen market trends, and also around the contract sector, where new legislations and restrictions on decorations are about to come, with the final objective of creating bacterial and virus-free environments to protect the final users. The same will happen with the rest of public spaces or those with a collective use, such as shops, where the purchase experience have changed during the Covid-19, the coronavirus disease caused by the Sars-CoV-2, opening a new era of hypersensitivity where we will protect interior spaces or even exterior spaces from the microorganism threating the human health.

The antibacterial silver solution, previously applied on other industrial sectors such as textile, have been already applied on the formulation of varnishes and finishes by the pioneer wood coatings manufacturers. It is the case of Valresa, that is already getting the antibacterial certification for products designed for the different wood furniture market segments, for indoor and outdoor use, with the highest protection properties against any viral or bacterial threat under the ISO 22196:2011 international norm, about bacterial activities over threated surfaces.

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