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Time is gold

Fast production is a key point on today´s manufacturing standards, it is a fact that allows us to be ahead, aligned, and competitive with the very best market players. If we are not capable of reaching the quick workflow rhythms of our clients with our paints, varnishes and services, other competitors will be there, to take the market cake.

Each and all of us are clients, and as clients we demand more and more properties and values from the different brands and products and we want coatings and paints, not only with a better quality, a longer-lasting an improved design or a greater guarantee but a faster service, not for tomorrow but for today. We need to be more efficient and achieve lower production costs, to be able to achieve lower manufacturing times.

In Valresa, we have been researching and developing wood varnishes and wood paints for years now, to help the final user to reduce its application, drying, sanding and polishing times, increasing our client´s production times, together with reducing the parallel hours/man costs. We are improving curing and reticulation of our basecoats to varnish or paint the wood, allowing previous sanding and accelerating drying times of topcoats, which means minimizing the stacking and packing of the final pieces of furniture.

We would like to highlight the new family of white topcoats 1640XX, which includes a super-fast drying and an excellent covering over edges and peaks. To highlight its excellent thixotropic properties on vertical applications and its extensibility, which ensures the finest deep matt finishes with an excellent uniformity and no gloss differences on the piece.

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