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The best high gloss process

The key for an optimal high gloss coating over wood. To avoid boiling, the orange peel effect, any extensibility gaps, and to maximize the covering and hiding of sanding trails and to assure a 100% uniform and perfect gloss.

The secret is not adding new coating layers, but securing a proper coating process, ready to secure a perfect high gloss finish. The first step is to prepare the Surface, there is a quote we use on the wood sector “The best topcoats starts from the first sandings”, as we should consider that natural wood absorbs any wood paint we apply on it, so a good early sanding will avoid the called “structure-telegraphy effect”.

We should first sand with 180-220 grain, and later with 320 grain. Once sanded, and whenever we need a high gloss finish, we will start by applying a hard and reticulating clear or pigmented polyester basecoat, leaving enough drying time before the next sanding, ensuring a proper curing for a good compaction. The next sanding should be with 320-400 grain, getting to 500 grain, or even 800 grain.

Once the sanding is done, we should apply the best available high gloss acrylic of the market, which are 130009 clear acrylic high gloss topcoat or 171009 white acrylic high gloss topcoat. I highlight the use of these 2 references as these are ready to use and easy to apply coatings, as they allow high layers without boiling or extensibility issues and ensure a marvelous finish with a water pool effect.

Acrylic technology ensures no color change during time. Also, the products own an excellent gloss self-healing capacity against minor scratches or impacts, as there is only a need of a cloth and heat to recover the original beautiful gloss.

Thanks to the above-mentioned wood paint and wood finishes for wood, we will overcome our fears to work high gloss wood coating processes ourselves, and we will surprise our clients with an excellent and smooth glossy finish.

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