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Viccarbe in the event Surface&Interface

Víctor Carrasco has been the responsible for the graphic design applied with Virtual Melt technology on Serra side tables, also designed by him for Viccarbe for the Surface&Interface event. Inspired by the minimalism of the American sculptor Richard Serra, Víctor Carrasco has created a unique piece, of simple development and with simple lines, that is incorporated naturally to the dynamics of the space and the user. Víctor Carrasco has worked in the graphic design of the Serra side table, not only with an idea of the decoration related to the representation of a vivid reality and imagined by him, his mood and his emotions, but also a collection of examples in which the peculiarity of the surface (graphing, recording, sensitizing …) is used to transform the surface into a “light concentrating device”. The event Surface&Interface shows the results of 9 projects, a result of the joint work of nine companies with nine respective designers or design studies applying Virtual Melt digital printing technology.

About Viccarbe:
The Viccarbe’s collection has and reflects a contemporary lifestyle through products that are committed to the current needs of habitat equipment. A collection characterized by a qualitative simplicity, innovative elegance and global identity; capable of proposing new forms of relationship and communication with the user and integrate with naturalness in different environments: A collection that is inserted within the framework of the timeless for those who live the present and think about the future.

Gráfica de Víctor Carrasco impresa sobre chapa de roble y MDF con tecnología Virtual Melt. Mesas auxiliares Serra de Viccarbe.
Graphic by Víctor Carrasco printed on oak veneer and MDF with Virtual Melt technology. Serra side tables by Viccarbe.
Fotografía de Cualiti Photo Studio / Photography by Cualiti Photo Studio
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