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The solution to high gloss furniture finishing.

The home furniture is currently being highly demanded and the sector is passing by a good moment. Tailwinds are pushing the demand to the purchase of more and more furniture renewals and furniture adaptations of their home habitats to meet their present needs.
Some subsectors for the habitat are reinforcing with this tendency; concretely the kitchen, bathroom and office furniture are finding many new opportunities these days. This three sectors commonly use high gloss coatings for its best top quality products and they are in search of the optimal results, such as an excellent scratch resistance and an excellent smooth high gloss finish for every of their products. With high gloss finishes mirror effects, customers feel themselves into a new higher luxury and design status, with the generation of environments and perceptions with an intense added value.
High gloss finishes requires a deep understanding of different coating processes and the use of top quality varnishes to eliminate the typical problems when applying a 100% gloss finishing.
Valresa has the solution to avoid these problems. Solutions to avoid varnish boiling, to maximize scratch resistance, to minimize telegraphy effects over the substrate or to eliminate orange peel.
The biggest problem we find when we apply a high gloss finish with a high covering power and transparency or mirror effect is the appearing of bubbles or varnish boiling. We do have on our portfolio a non-yellowing product, which provides a high gloss 100% finish, with excellent scratch resistance and self-recoverable that allows the user to apply very high layers (up to 250 gr/m2) with no problems, maximizing covering and extensibility.
This high gloss family is available in both clear and white, and can be pigmented according to RAL, NCS or TVT color cards.
You do not have to be an expert on high gloss applications any more, Valresa acrylic family makes the process easy and gives you a solution to your problems. Get in touch now!

130009 AC Clear Topcoat 0009 G
171009 AC White Topcoat 1009 G
190070 AC Hardener 070

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