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Sustainability, the strategic and growth axis of Valresa Coatings

Valresa continues its commitment to sustainability by promoting the circular economy through the revaluation of more than 95% of its waste.Valresa reaffirms its commitment to sustainability by committing to the circular economy, an economic model aimed at preserving the value of resources for as long as possible. The company works to ensure the recycling of all possible waste, which is why we have renewed our accreditation as a zero waste company, achieving an average of 95% of waste recovered at its production centre.

The certificate obtained confirms that the waste generated by Valresa is treated using responsible methods such as recovery, recycling and recovery, and is then reintroduced back into the industry, avoiding landfill. Optimal waste management provides great environmental benefits, maximising the value and use of raw materials, promoting energy savings and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Thanks to the constant evaluation of the control and monitoring of the surpluses generated, valresa has been recognised as a company committed to minimising environmental impact and improving sustainable consumption, promoting the reuse, recycling and use of waste.

The adoption of actions to achieve a more sustainable production model is one of the fundamental pillars of valresa’s corporate strategy in the short and long term. The company is fully committed to continuing to implement measures that enable it to reduce its environmental impact, from the beginning of its supply chain, ensuring raw materials and passing through the industrial phase by implementing more efficient systems such as solar energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels to the supply to the customer by opting for the use of recycled and recyclable materials.

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