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Styrene-free Primer, maximum quality and whiteness

Whenever we know that a change in legislation can occur, in which a substance can be considered harmful for the human being, Valresa begin to think how this can be eliminated from the formulation of a product, long before the classification. Replacing substances in formulations is not always possible, or rather, it is not always easy. In addition, when it is obtained, it is usually detrimental to the product, or to the use of the product, resulting in a varnish with less performance of hardness, drying time, chemical resistance, etc.
This is not the case with the new white styrene-free polyacrylate. Having worked on removing styrene from the formulation, has led us to develop a much more efficient white primer than the others in our range of primers. Such efficiency comes from a long list of technical advantages we now list, although the true excellence of the product is observed over the finished wood surface.

Reduction of styrene odor. Reducing the discomfort generated during application of the product is an advantage for the user of the white polyacrylic primer.
The special white color of the polyacrylic primer highlights the quality of the components of the formulation and large amount of titanium.
Excellent covering that is noticed in the edges allowing a correct sanding, without having to be aware of the peeling of the edges. The improvement of the formulation is shown in the vertical application of the white polyacrylic primer, allowing to apply the whole amount desired, without being aware of the rheology.
Finally, the good extensibility of the white polyacrylic primer is observed when applying the finishing coat.

640026 White UP Sealer 0026 SE

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