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Sealer 110027 Fusion

The client is one of the pillars of Valresa, hence the importance of knowing how to listen to the customer to know his needs, his preferences and what he would like to be improved. Therefor we present you a sealer designed to meet a critical need.
The 110027 polyurethane sealer has been specially designed to eliminate white marks that occur with a small impact on the furniture surface or  the door; Or a small scratch produced in the handling of the piece on the sanding table. This advantage is given by 110027 sealer that remains completely integrated in the wood, giving more value to the wood design itself.

When these problems occur in wood varnishing, the solution is extremely costly due to the fact that the damaged piece has to be reprocessed in order to obtain an optimum coating, with the consequent increase in the cost of labor, varnish and delays in delivery times.
This technologically new and studied sealer is the final result of the combination of a new formulation with a different manufacturing process, creating a sealer with an exceptional transparency, covering and sanding; A combination difficult to get. It’s a polyurethane sealer with an unbeatable transparency and bluing free of the coating layer, highlighting its extreme elasticity adapting to the sudden temperature changes that produce in the wood contractions and dilations, avoiding the cracking of the layer of varnish and its range of resistivity that generates measurable performance in the amount of furniture and chairs you can paint.

Depending on the application system and the season of the year, it is recommended to mix in the following proportions:

Application Method Aerografic Equipment Airmix Equipment Electrostatic Equipment
Recommended Hardener 190013   2:1 100144   2:1
Recommended Solvent 510101 ó 520204 500029 or 540414 Summer 510102 Winter. Not electrostatic


New formula and manufacturing process. / Sealer integrated with the wood to highlight it. / High coverage. / No bleaching by impact or scratches. / Blue free of the varnish layer. / Excellent wetting and elasticity. / Storage stability. It does not separate. / High transparency./

PRODUCT: 110027 PU Electrostatic Clear Sealer 0027

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