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Valresa + Borja García durante la Valencia Disseny Week

Valresa, through our new brand Singular Surface, will show Virtual Melt, the digital printing technology for wood during Valencia Disseny Week.

We made a collaboration with the designer Borja García, who has designed the graphics printed on “Ernest” desk of Punt company and “Jazz” cabinet of Mobenia company, using our wood printing technology.

The showroom will be placed at Studio2, located in calle del Mar 42, Valencia – Spain, and will be open from 19th September. On Thursday 21st at 19:00 hours will be take place the presentation event.

Gráfica de Borja García impresa sobre chapa y macizo de roble con tecnología Virtual Melt. Escritorio Ernest de Punt.
Graphic by Borja García printed on veneer and clump oak with Virtual Melt technology. Ernest desk by Punt.
Fotografía de Cualiti Photo Studio / Photography by Cualiti Photo Studio
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