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Omelette-ed with Iratzoki Lizaso design studio in the event Surface&Interface

The Lasso table by Omelette-ed is presented in our exhibition Surface&Interface as a novelty to the market, Iratzoki Lizaso studio is the responsible for both, product design and generation of graphics applied by Virtual Melt technology. At the present time, Omelette-ed is taking a step forward with their first foray into the world of furniture with the Lasso table, designed by Iratzoki Lizaso design studio. By means of the application of graphics using the Virtual Melt technology, Jean Louis Iratzoki y Ander Lizaso have chosen working with wooden applications of streaks oak, cherry, and beech al different scales. A very simple interplay of transparency and colours in which branching woods are juxtaposed, allowing their own tones to create colour on the veneer of the base’s worktop. Iratzoki Lizaso have worked with the concept of the visual printing as non-invasive with respect to the object that holds it, seeking to harmoniously unify graphic form and impression. This is a modification that sought to avoid laying down the strengths of the structure and Lasso table’s own attributes. The event Surface&Interface shows the results of 9 projects, a result of the joint work of nine companies with nine respective designers or design studies applying Virtual Melt digital printing technology.
About Omelette-ed:
Omelette editions is an editing company for home and contract objects that emerged from our eagerness to create objects with a value. They edit objects that will form part of your life. Objects that will get a place next to those pictures you got from your friends for your brand new home, next to the table you use to celebrate the birthday of your children year after year, or next to the armchair on which you used to have enjoyable chats with your mother. Products with soul. They edit objects with the value that gives a good design, based on the simplicity, on the honesty of the materials where each detail defines its essence. Objects that know how to get older with time, timeless objects.

Gráfica de Iratzoki Lizaso impresa sobre chapa de roble con tecnología Virtual Melt. Mesa Lasso de Omelette-ed.
Graphic by Iratzoki Lizaso printed on oak veneer with Virtual Melt technology. Lasso table by Omelette-ed.
Fotografía de Cualiti Photo Studio / Photography by Cualiti Photo Studio
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