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Punt with Borja Garcia in the event Surface&Interface

For the Surface&Interface event, the Valencian company Punt has participated with the designer Borja García , who has done the graphic applied to the Ernest desk using Virtual Melt technology. Since its beginning, Ernest has always been special, discreet but brimming with meaning. It is a piece of furniture with presence, with a certain ambience of hieratic sculpture and, at the same time, of human intimacy. Its utterly rational geometry makes it look like it has always been there and yet, at the same time, it exudes a timelessness that makes it forever new. How can anything be added to such a delicate balance? Borja Garcia has turned back to his roots, to its deepest and most bonded concepts, such as care, detail, the construction, the precision, its open and yet, at the same time, concrete and exact nature. A texture drawn from visual references from the world of architecture and technical arts to draw discreetly on its surface using chart paper, leaving the door open for a more personal interpretation. The universe of the workshop and creative disciplines are conjured by the designer’s cutting tables, by a tailor’s patterns, or an architect’s table. Pure black like a linear tattoo to add something to the piece’s original statement, almost a visual poem that accompanies us to absolute understanding of its meaning.The event Surface&Interface shows the results of 9 projects, a result of the joint work of nine companies with nine respective designers or design studies applying Virtual Melt digital printing technology.
About Punt:
In 1980, before it was a company, Punt was simply a means of expression for two designers who were driven to channel their creativity. It was born of and for design. Punt has collaborated with many architects in preparing their projects and providing furniture, and provides products that fully integrate into architectural works, designing and manufacturing furniture that is logical, clearcut, functional and meaningful. Punt optimizes space, developing multifaceted products of the highest quality, ideally suited to their intended use. Punt has a human resources team, backed by advanced technology, with the capacity to prepare projects, manufacture and furnish all kinds of homes and collective areas. At Punt, their design philosophy involves cutting through to the essence of things, developing an authentic culture for each project with a clear and concise approach.

Gráfica de Borja García impresa sobre chapa y macizo de roble con tecnología Virtual Melt. Escritorio Ernest de Punt.
Graphic by Borja García printed on veneer and clump oak with Virtual Melt technology. Ernest desk by Punt.
Fotografía de Cualiti Photo Studio / Photography by Cualiti Photo Studio
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