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Mobles 114 and Bendita Gloria design studio in the event “Surface&Interface”

Mobles 114, a leading company in the design world for its historic Tria bookcase has taken part in the Surface&Interface event, in collaboration with the graphic designers of Bendita Gloria studio, using Virtual Melt technology. Bendita Gloria is a design studio founded in 2007 by Alba Rosell and Santi Fuster. Design is understood in the studio as a language for thinking first, for communication second. In this sense, the conceptual radical nature and the correct translation of ideas into shapes is of unrelenting interest throughout projects taken on by the studio. A set of cups rest upon the Tria bookcase. Apparently, some of them have spilled. The concept dramatizes an aperitif with the shelving playing the role of the host. However, the scene is not true, it is an illusion. The printing of the coasters with the Virtual Melt technology allows the various parts of this concept to be joined together. On the one hand, it serves as a skeleton to the entire scene and, on the other hand, aids the phantasmagoria. The technology acquires a structural and non-decorative value. The event Surface&Interface shows the results of 9 projects, a result of the joint work of nine companies with nine respective designers or design studies applying Virtual Melt digital printing technology.
About Mobles 114:
Mobles 114 editions is a contemporary furniture design studio with offices in Barcelona. The Mobles 114 brand, founded in 1973, focusses on improving the quality of collective areas and private spaces with a timeless and signature design. Since its founding, Mobles 114 has witness social and cultural changes and has provided its vision to the world of design, blending its humanistic values with its own concept and language.

Gráfica de Bendita Gloria impresa sobre MDF Fibralac de Finsa con tecnología Virtual Melt. Estantería Tria de Mobles 114.
Graphic by Bendita Gloria printed on Finsa’s MDF Fibralac with Virtual Melt technology. Tria bookcase by Mobles 114.
Fotografía de Cualiti Photo Studio / Photography by Cualiti Photo Studio
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