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 Varnish multi surface primer

How much times have you tried to paint colors a piece composed by different materials and you haven´t achieved the same color?

Combination of different materials for the manufacturation of furniture, appliances, sports pieces it has become very common. Each time more because of the cost, use facility, material performance, or by the same demandings of design or sturdiness, it is being incorporated new materials which have to be assemble together others more traditional. And when it´s time to paint all are problems because is not achieved the same adherence or the color is different in each support.
Valresa, in it´s continous eagerness of satisfying painting needs of customers, has designed the 910080 multi surface primer, a primer which applied over materials of different nature, we obtain an incredible adherence, with te possibility of then applying a varnish with color obtaining the same color in all supports. Aluminium shelves with zamac auctions, kitchen doors which combine wood and plastic, bathroom furniture with glass and wood, wardrobe doors with aluminium chants, PVC and aluminium windows, etc. This way, Valresa creates a multi surface varnish, multi support with extra adherence so the support or surface doesn´t become a limitation to design and able to give color to m De este modo, valresa crea un barniz multi superficie, multiple pieces which you would never imagine.

Valresa´s technical department doesn´t only develop new products which cover furniture sectors needs, but it also puts determination in developing new effects and technologies of application so you can build up with our varnishes your new memorable experiences appealing to sensory and perceptual.

910080 Multi surface primer of unsurpassable adherence can be applied over iron, zamac, aluminium, galvanized iron and plastics as PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Metacrylate, etc.

In addition, is easy to use, a single component and passed 3 hours we will apply the color with a super adherence over the support and the color over different surfaces. With this new super adherent primer, combination of different materials in the manufacture of a furniture doesn´t have to be a limitation. Perfect topcoat is possible. It is necessary find the technical and security sheet before using the varnish, to know the limitatons and precautions of the same.

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