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Varnish Super matt topcoat with maximum transparency

Commitment of continuos improvement, in services and varnish solutions, is one of the objective vaules of Valresa as varnish and paint factory. Markets are in fully movement, currents and trends are ephemeral, each time, we have more ambition for developing new varnishes and paints, which are more technological from existant ones and at the same time give a bigger vale to product being varnished.

Not being conformed with polyurethane varnishes of gloss grades super matt existant in market, Valresa has developed a new clear polyurethane topcoat varnish, which most representative quality is the one of having the lowest gloss grade of the market, maintaining maximum transparency.

This loss of transparency is a disadvantage which varnishes and paints with gloss grades very matt have, therefore, this new varnish offers technological and quality solutions to the different manufacturers which require for its varnishing of furniture or indoor carpentry, a matt 0 varnish keeping the maximum transparency without alterations of natural colors of different sheetings or woods, to a good price.

With our mission of respect to environment this new varnish has been developed given established values in the normative COV Product 2004/42/CE with the objective of release the least environmental impacts.

Product advantages:
• Gloss grades super matt 5 % with maximum transparency.
• Very good uniformity of nuanced.
• Good covering and hardness to scratch, easy to apply, aspect and silky touch.

• 120019 new PU Topcoat 034 SMT 2:1
• 190025 PU Hardener 025

Ultra Mate. / Máxima transparencia./ Uniformidad de matizado./ Dureza al Rayado./ Tacto Sedoso./ Fácil Aplicación
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