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 Natural wood effect varnis

Our way through the Feria International of furniture in Milán, bring us as trend for the next years, the return to the past, to the origins, enhancing qualities of environments of natural wood, it´s textures, it´s ways and veined, avoiding plasticized effects and eliminating coldness of elements such as crystals, plastics and high glosses. Valresa has de solution to manage protect wood maintaining effect, color and texture of non varnished wood. How beatify and protect wood with a varnishing quick and functional process, achieving at the same time keep wod in original aspect. For all home environments both kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. Smoothness, silkiness, warmth are the adjectives which qualify our natural topcoats, available both water base, acrylic base and ultraviolet oil. Benefit of high durability, null yellowing and physical and chemical resistance, are common in our range of topcoats.

We complement natural topcoats with a wide range of stains in walnut and brown tones which are setting trends. Principle advantages of natural stains “glastines” are:
Highlight the natural veined of wood in outstanding way. Resistant colors to light over time. Easy to apply (brush, cloth, gun).

Water base process:

270042 Esfera Indoor F-A Natural SMT
Sealer-Topcoat product
Two hands, sanding softly between hand and hand
Advantage: Remains wood color and natural aspect. For this process we use the hardener 190202
For furniture in general
Application: Brush/Gun

Ultraviolet process:

670031 UV Valpol A SMT ROLLER
2 hand application to roller, soft sanding and ultraviolet dry
Advantage: Quick dry
For furniture in general
Application: Roller

Acrylic process:130014 Acrylic Sealer Topcoat 014 NAM SMT
Sealer-Topcoat product
2 hand application not loaded
Non yellowing product
Advantage: Better chemical resistance
For all furniture type, but especially, kitchen furniture
Application: Gun/Brush

Valresa offers three different varnishing technologies so you can choose the one that most suits your needs.

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