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New hardener to varnish polyurethane gloss

After knowing the opinions from customers which use high gloss varnishes, we detect the principle qualities which are necessary in a pigmented polyurethane topcoat varnish. This way a new hardener is born for gloss varnishes, which improves, even more if possible, the high performances of our pigmented gloss topcoat. It is very frequent in varnishing workshops, when they are applying a high gloss varnish, to have trend to use more quantity of varnish over the account, as their objective is that the piece remains perfectly when the varnish film is still wet and if there is any irregularity have trend to review contuinually the piece. This way, overspending of varnish is being produced and we are causing the possible appearance of default application in the varnishes called “boiled or piojillo”. With this modification, we improve extensibility of product when it comes time to application, achieving this way that varnish film, gets formed in a regular way and silky to touch, avoiding orange peel. This way we will be saving in product and manipulation time of varnishing direct gloss lacquered.

With the utilization of the last technologies in the formulation of this hardener, we offer at your disposal, a pigmented topcoat varnish of high performances, we relation quality-price are the best of the markets.
With the utilization of this hardener in the mixture of any pigmented color of our tintometric system, we obtain a gloss varnish extremely hard as for the colors formulations, we use pigmented pasta of high quality and concentration in a way that with less pasta, we achieve a higher covering power and by having less pigmented pasta we obtain a varnish film mucho more harder and resistant to scratch.

We have improved it, why don´t dry it? Product: 190004 PU Hardener 004 Package: 10 L.

From today you can benefit from high performances of this hardener in pigmented gloss varnishes.

High resistance to scratch ./ Polishable past 24 h. / Dry quickness. / Tintometric Syst. extra hard. / Minimum “boiled”. / Excellent relation quality-price. / Big extensibility.
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