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Graphene catalyst, with maximum resistance to scratching, polishing and buffing.

AC Graphene catalyst is an innovative non-yellowing polyurethane hardener suitable for any surface, specially designed to achieve a coating with high physical-chemical resistance and maximum scratch, polish and burnishing resistance. Maintaining ultra-matt anti-reflective surfaces with a sophisticated soft and silky touch.

AC Graphene hardener in combination with Self Sealer 130040 provides lightfast clearcoat films with a uniform gloss, super resistant and high aesthetic impact.

It can also be pigmented with our Valresa Color System tintometric system to obtain ultra-matt coloured finishes that are very trendy for all environments in the Contract and Home sectors, whether in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms or bedrooms.


Advantages of Catalyst 190040 Graphene

– Resistant to scratching, polishing and burnishing.

– Easy to clean and anti-fingerprint surfaces.

– Soft and warm to the touch.

– No yellowing and colour change.

– Easy application, fast and functional.

190040 AC Graphene hardener has been developed under tests and analyses carried out internally and in accredited laboratories, taking into account the different parameters of the following standards: UNE EN ISO 15184 Pencil hardness / UNE EN 15186, method B Scratch resistance / EN 16611, method B / UNE 11019-6 Impact resistance / UNE 56842 Suitable processes for varnishing kitchen furniture / UNE 56867 Suitable processes for varnishing bathroom furniture. UNE 89401-2 and UNE 89401-3 Suitable processes for office furniture.

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