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Water-Based natural touch coatings

Valresa has developed a high-tech and easy-to-use product capable of enhancing the beauty and original aspect of wood while protects the substrate, with an easy and practical coating process.
A water-based single product, acting as a self-sealer, with a high level of protection but maintaining the effect, color and texture of the non-varnished woods.
The product can also be pigmented with the Valresa Tintometric Color System to obtain color deep matt topcoats, a general industry trend in contract and home furniture, including kitchens, bathrooms, livings and rooms.
The 270042 was designed with a strong commitment with the environment, focusing in sustainability. Innovation sums up with the general trends of the HORECA and RETAIL market segments, where respect to the ecosystems and health is a key factor of success.
Advantages of the 270042 self-sealer:
– Minimum footprint on the ecosystems.
– Effect and natural touch of the original wood.
– Anti-reflex effects.
– Warm and soft touch.
– No yellowing or color changes.
– Easy to apply, fast and practical process.

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