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Digital printing products

Valresa during last years has been developing specific products for digital printing, focused on promoting the digitization of the housing and contract industry.
The range of Vimelt products offers a whole range of primers and finishes, specifically designed to solve adhesion, resistance and finishing of the digital inkjet printing process.
The industrial sectors with which we are working to make the digitalization of processes possible are boards, laminated flooring and raw wood, where we offer solutions tailored to the customers.
We offer alternative processes to the current production of laminated flooring where direct inkjet printing on boards takes on a leading role, simplifying the production process thanks to the possibility of eliminating the deco paper currently used, and giving greater versatility to production, removing intermediate stocks and offering new product concepts to our clients.
By working on natural wood, it is possible to combine different stain effects, through a inkjet digital stain inkjet of the wood, which allows colour gradient graphics and colour-changing effects, and without the emission of VOCs thanks to the used inks.
All the products created by Valresa are designed from an industrial implementation point of view and with a high technological level, offering to the market a wide range of solutions in the various technologies and with special emphasis on water-based products.

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