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TEKFOC Fireproof Coatings in Santa Monica’s Museum in Barcelona

The Santa Clara Art Centre in Barcelona built in the seventeenth century as a convent and now declared Artistic Monument of National Interest, has been recently refurbished to adapt to new standards and make it more functional.
Among the various actions that has been made in the project, we highlight the treatment with Fire Retardant Coatings to react against fire, that have been applied on elements made of wood or derived from it.
For this performance, they have chosen the Water Based Fireproof Coatings for Wood, classified in reaction against fire BS2D0 according to European legislation, VALRESA’s product family named TEKFOC.  We are talking about the coating TEKFOC Topcoat AG 098 Fireproof P 002 MT with a soft and silky feeling and Mate gloss.

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