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Collaboration with companies of the sector

Varnishes and Paints factory, VALRESA SPAIN, has given a technical conference to “Technical and Commercial Staff”, part of Valencia’s delegation FINSA (FINANCIAL MADERERA).
The day dealt with the different technical coating solutions for boards, depending on several factors; application processes of varnishes, lacquers technologies, but mostly about different substrates that are used today for construction of facilities and furniture in the Habitat world.
A whole range of solutions were given for fibers MDF, plywood and melamine coating, as well as exterior wood varnish according to the degrees of exposure and fire-retardant wood coatings according to Euroclasses.

Besides reporting on the technology of varnishes and paints for boards coating, doubts exposed by FINSA technicians were resolved and the day ended up being very fruitful for both sides.

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